Table Top Chains


The Table Top Chain works almost the same as the slat conveyor, by using cut materials (wood / iron plate / stainless plate) on the slat conveyor.

Table Top Chain at the top uses Plastic (PU and so on) as well as ordinary iron and stainless steel.

The advantage of Table Top Chain is that it can be easily flexible or radiated as needed.

Usually the use of Table Top Chain for the process of container transfer, packing and botling.

Initially, the basic Table Top Chain is packed in a length of about 3 meters per pack (from the manufacturer), just adjust it to the number of lengths that will be used.

TableTop Chains are available in two styles: straight running or sideflexing.

There are also two different types of construction—one and two piece.

Table Top Chain conveyors for handling :

  • Pharmacy
  • Packaged food products
  • Boxed products
  • Bottles
  • Cans